Atists impression of the twin STEREO satellites

The Heliospheric Imager for the NASA STEREO Mission

Part of the SECCHI Consortium


To act as a site for coordinating the UK scientific operation for HI and STEREO through the UK STEREO/SECCHI Science Team several basic documents are included in the documents list. This includes the original instrument paper, the HI Operations Document, the HI Image Simulation Document and various PowerPoint presentations and links. The documentation includes the inputs from an on-going study of operational scenarios from the UK scientific community.

Document Download
HI User Guide PDF
Working with HI data PDF
Introduction to HI Paper Word document
Original HI Instrument Paper PDF
HI Review Powerpoint document
Operations Document PDF
HI Science Studies HTML
HI Image Simulation PDF
HI2 Simulated Image Postscript diagram
HI Image Simulation Talk Powerpoint document
HI2 Simulated Movie Powerpoint document
HI Operations Powerpoint document
HI Beacon Mode Powerpoint document