Artists impression of the twin STEREO satellites

The Heliospheric Imager for the NASA STEREO Mission

Part of the SECCHI Consortium

Using heliospheric imaging for space weather application

CME Images from STEREO
A sequence of six images from February 2011 illustrating the passage of a CME through the combined STEREO-A COR2, HI-1 and HI-2 field-of-view. The white near horizontal line denotes the position angle of Earth; the location of Earth corresponds to the white dot at the intersection of that line with the near-vertical curve. HI SpaceWeather

The first comprehensive catalogue of CMEs in the heliosphere

hicat cmes
Histogram of daily-average rates of HICAT CMEs detected by (a) STEREO/HI-1A and (b) STEREO/HI-1B compared to coronal CME rates from (c) STEREO/COR-2A and (d) STEREO/COR-2B and (e) SOHO/LASCO. Panel f shows the monthly sunspot count over the same period. HI CME catalogue